The Greek letter “Θ” is the traditional symbol of life. It represents the circle of life but also ouroborus snake. The Early Egyptians used a symbol for Kosmos in the form of theta and also the symbol of a point within a circle (⊙, the sun disc) to represent the sun and the Source of life.

As the very first Gluten and Dairy Free Restaurant in Cyprus, we have made great efforts to bridge the gap between healthy and delicious meals and our main focus is quality of ingredients. We created a relaxing environment that has been decorated to bring about calmness, tranquility and to inspire an enjoyable dining experience.

Gluten and dairy free restaurant in Cyprus

Our unique menu has dishes packed with tasty essence that will guarantee a bust of excitement on your palette. We bake our own fresh Gluten free breads daily, and make homemade Cashew Cheeses in a variety of flavours. In our recipes, you will discover that we have brought back a lot of the forgotten ancient grains, like Sorghum, Millet, Quinoa, and added incredible modern twists to them.

Here at Theta, we aim to promote a healthy eating lifestyle!
Delicious food made with lots of love, integrity and with fresh, natural, colorful ingredients full of taste, prepared daily in our Gluten and Lactose free kitchen, free from contamination. Our meals will keep you energized and feeling healthy all day.

Theta restaurant in Limassol, Cyprus